Viva la Doghead. 

Doghead Productions aim to create meaningful works that impact and challenge audiences.

We are currently on working on the feature film Wild Bones. The film finished principal photography in February 2021 and is now in post-production.

Our team previously produced Malady. Malady can be streamed or purchased online through Amazon, Vimeo, iTunes or Plex.

Nothing can quite prepare for such an unorthodox film as Malady, a bold and dreamlike tale of unconventional romance, long-buried secrets, and the possessive intensity of familial bonds.

To fulfil the last wish of her deceased mother, grieving Holly seeks out love and finds it in Matthew; their relationship swiftly becomes very close and all-encompassing. After receiving the news of Matthew’s ailing mother, both arrive to provide care in her final days, only to be faced with a nightmarish reality spiralling out of control.

Giving a whole new meaning to the proverbial “keeping it in the family,” Jack James’ debut feature is as haunting as it is brilliant – a piece of cinematic art exhibiting sheer audacity and singularity of vision, bound to move and provoke.

Written by Liva Petersone.

Malady Official Trailer 2017 from Doghead Productions on Vimeo.

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