A Thousand Cuts

Two years on since the filming of ‘Rose’ I (may) have completed the edit on ‘A Thousand Faces’. The edit, in all truth, only started a few weeks ago; what with the announcement of it’s multi platformed release we really had to crack on. What a fucking headache*. Some times in a good way sometimes not; revisiting the 80 hours worth of rushes brought all the memories back. Some good, some bad. Some only bad with hindsight. But some good. And some okay. Some interesting. Some really dull. Swings and roundabouts. Up and down. 

Vision. Communication. Shifting. Tango 2. Manipulation? Murder. Sleep deprivation. Acting. Sleep deprivation. Acting? Breakdown. Shape shifting. Blood. Lunging. Massage. Old Women. Butter. Tickling. Rolling. Snapping. Breaking. Cake. Some of these things might feature. 

If you can guess exactly which of the above features in the documentary then you can come and watch the film on my new sofa with this guy:



WARNING: I will be in character.



* – headache, in all truth, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, trawling through the 80 hours of footage quite heavily out of order and in glorious DV (I never realised how spoilt I was with HD…) with two different audio tracks attached to the footage both fighting for superiority was a nightmare; but I challenge any fucker to work for 14 days, at 18 hours (minimum) a day ending with a 36 hour shooting day, to get 80 hours worth of DV tapes in order. When you see the confined space we worked in you’ll understand even more (as a little taster, I basically had a small section underneath a table behind the set in between Tony’s bin bag full of costumes and a box full of old mobile phones). 

Secondly, the documentary details one mans vision seemingly in a constant state of decline in a number of ways for varying reasons. Luck was very much against the director and that is very much captured. This is, though, one of the reasons I think this film may be useful; witnessing these events taught me no end of things anyway, and being able to pass this (almost (possibly)) cautionary tale of low budget independent film making onto other persons who may be thinking about making a film could prove useful.

Thirdly, my plate was pretty full as it was.


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