In Discussion with Tom Wilton at Cinema Zero

This last weekend I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with Tom Wilton. I met Tom at the Cinequest Film Festival, he was there supporting his own film as writer/producer ‘Elsewhere NY’ (directed by Jeffery P. Nesker). Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to catch the film at Cinequest but am hoping to finally see it whilst it screens at the East End Film Festival (For information and tickets for the EEFF screening of ‘Elsewhere NY’ click here

Anyway, me and Tom spoke at length about the making of Malady, Cinequest, East End Film Festival, the writing of Transformers 5 and filmmaking in general. You can see (directly up my nose) the video below:

I just want to thank Tom and Cinema Zero for his time on Sunday – be sure to give them a follow at



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