Malady Festival Update Part 1

It’s been a mad few months that have flown by incredibly quickly so wanted to do a quick update regarding recent festival screenings!!

Malady had two fantastic screenings at the East End Film Festival, huge thanks especially to Andrew Simpson and the whole East End Film Festival team as well as Ross Clarke for their huge support of the film!! The opening of East End turned out to be the hottest day in London ever (I think…), and, if truth be told, was a massive blur as a result of this. The festival programme was very interesting, but my personal highlight was the ‘Deprogrammed’ event curated by Noaz Deshe and EEFF. The whole day event took place in a secret masonic temple and showed films that dealt with themes of power and control; from government mind control experiments to brutal cults, this day event was as interesting as it was exhausting!! You can see more information about this here.


We were also incredibly luck to have been nominated for the Accession Award at the festival for music composition/art of the soundtrack. Huge congratulations to Bradley Oliver-White who composed our score!! We didn’t win… But congratulations has to go to Graham Hadfield for ‘Containment’ who was a lovely chap I had the pleasure to meet afterwards!

Following on from  our screening at the East End, we had two more in the US (That I couldn’t make it over for) at the Columbia Gorge Film Festival and at the inaugural Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival. I was enormously proud to have been a part of both festivals and heard the screenings went very well, keep an eye out again for their future programmes!



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